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14 August 2006

Scoliosis and Underweight

Today I came across an article from the New York Times which would
interest those with scoliosis and suffering from weight problems. It
has long been known that scoliosis usually affects those who are
underweight. We all know someone who is like this, they eat all they
want and still never put any weight on. Previously genes and
metabolism has been blamed... though as this article highlights
something else might be awry. While this article is long, in summary a
doctor who specializes in weight management believes that the gut
flora of bacteria, viruses and microbes could be the ones to blame. It
highlights that the type and proportion of microbe directly affects
the absorbability of foods and hence calories and nutrients used.
Something that surprised even me is that 90 percent of the cells in
your body is in the form of microbes, only 10% is your own cells!

"Gordon likes to explain his hypothesis of what gut microbes do by
talking about Cheerios. The cereal box says that a one-cup serving
contains 110 calories. But it may be that not everyone will extract
110 calories from a cup of Cheerios. Some may extract more, some less,
depending on the particular combination of microbes in their guts."

This is one of the reasons why I have encouraged all scoliosis
patients to start making their own kefir to help restore the gut flora
to optimal levels and to diligently eliminate sugars and refined
carbohydrates which inevitably feed bad bacteria. Those that have
listened to this advice tended to show better outcome results and
eventually return their weight to normal range highlighting the
multifactorial process of this condition.

Towards the end of the article the Specialist highlight how eventually
a personalize dietary program could be devised based on the persons
gut flora. Fortunately through metabolic typing this already exists.

In practice we take care of the physical imbalances of scoliosis
however it is your responsibility to take care of the biochemical
through the foods that you eat. These recommendations are just as
important for those with normal weight:

1) Restore gut flora with kefir (type kefir in google) either in kefir
starters or grains.
2) Eat according to your metabolic type.
3) Eliminate sugars and refined grains and starch such as potatoes
which research shows produces a blood sugar rush simimlar to sugar it

NYTimes Link

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Anonymous said...

I find this article useful and it is addressing the main concern with me for 15 years.
How can I find this Kefir product in Singapore, please advise, thank you.
Regards, Jade