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22 June 2007

The Sunscreen Myth: How Sunscreen Products Actually Promote Cancer

The myth that the sun is detrimental to your health, and that sunscreen is a necessity to guard against cancer is one of the most pervasive hoaxes in our society today.

As this article in News Target points out, this myth can be traced back to the two industries that benefit the most: the cancer industry and the sunscreen manufacturers.

Mike Adams draws a neat little picture about these two giant profit-makers, and how their tag-team efforts keep the unsuspecting public in a trance.

Sunscreens perpetuate the rise in cancers by delivering a potentially deadly double-whammy:

* They contain cancer-causing chemicals, and
* They promote vitamin D deficiency, as they block sun rays.

Recent studies have shown that vitamin D prevents up to 77 percent of all cancers. For more information about the vital importance of vitamin D from sunlight, please review my article Reduce Your Risk of Cancer With Sunlight Exposure, if you haven't already seen it.

Sunburn should always be avoided, but there are many all-natural ways to protect yourself from sunburn than resorting to the toxic infusions of commercial sunscreens. Slathering on some aloe vera gel, and boosting your skin's "internal sunscreen" from within with chlorella, spirulina, goji berries (not the juice), raspberries, blackberries, blueberries and carrots, are far healthier options.

If you're still hooked on the idea of a cream, look for natural sunscreen products that contain no petrochemicals, such as Aubrey's Active and Green Tea sunblocks. Just remember, although these products are non-toxic, they still prevent you from metabolizing vitamin D, so use them with caution. I recommend testing your vitamin D levels to make sure you're not deficient before resorting to sunscreen of any kind. June 15, 2007

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