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25 January 2008

FDA Destroys Incriminating Aspartame Records

Jerome Bressler is the author of an FDA audit which exposed the corruption of G. D. Searle, the manufacturers of aspartame. Bressler reported that studies showing rats deaths and cancers were ignored and deleted from Searle's records.

But when Dr. Betty Martini spoke to Bressler in 2002, he told her that the FDA deliberately deleted a crucial 20 percent of his document, which exposed far worse problems with aspartame.

In November of 2007, Dr, Martini requested the original, unedited report under the Freedom of Information act. First she was told that the documents were confidential, and when she continued to press, she was told that they had been destroyed. You can read the entire story of her attempt to pry this information out of the FDA by clicking the link below.

Recent studies have confirmed that aspartame can cause cancer and birth defects.


* January 15, 2008

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