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17 January 2008

Message from Dr Lau

For the patients and readers of this blog, I hope you enjoy the health news that I source from the web to keep you informed and empowered. I love doing it because of the opportunity to educate others, most I don't even know and to keep myself on the latest on health issues.

Something lacking in this blog is more personal blogs, hence 2008 I am determined to find more time to leave my own personal interpretations on certain research I find as well as my trials and tribulations as a Chiropractor and Nutritionist in Singapore.

I'm excited to report that I am currently in the process of writing a book on nutrition, which will form the the basis of Dr Lau's Optimal Health Program which I personally do with all my private patients. I hope to enrich and educated others to a better level of health. This is a quarter of the way finished and I will start blogging on here about some of the concepts I am writing on as well as the books progress.

Thanks for taking the time to go my blog.

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