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8 January 2008

Which Foods Can Help You Digest Fat More Healthily?

A new research report indicates that consuming polyphenols, which are natural compounds in red wine, fruits, and vegetables, can help reduce the health risks associated with high-fat foods. They could work in the same way that certain additives help gasoline burn more cleanly.

In the study, six men and four women were fed three meals consisting of dark meat turkey cutlets. The first meal consisted of turkey meat and water, the second meal consisted of turkey meat with polyphenols added after cooking, plus a glass of red wine, and the third meal consisted of turkey meat with polyphenols added before cooking, again followed by a glass of wine.

Researchers took blood and urine samples to measure levels of malondialdehyde (MDA), which is a natural byproduct of fat digestion known to increase the risk for heart disease. MDA levels nearly quintupled after the turkey-and-water meal. However, MDA was nearly eliminated after subjects consumed the meals with polyphenols.


* Science Daily January 6, 2008

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