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11 March 2008

Obese Girls 50 Percent Less Likely to Attend College

It is well known that a college education helps reduce the probability of obesity. But research now shows that obese girls are 50 percent less likely to attend college, which may put them in a downward spiral of obesity, health problems and low income.
The author of the study, sociologist Robert Crosno, said that, “Obese girls were less likely to enter college after high school than were their non-obese peers, especially when they attended schools in which obesity was relatively uncommon.”

The study looked at data for 11,000 adolescents from 128 schools. The goal of the research was to study how obesity predicts maladjustment. The study also found that obese girls had higher class failure and self-rejection.


* The Business Shrink March 6, 2008

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