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25 April 2008

Top 10 Crimes Against Your Body

What are the top 10 things people do to their bodies that they shouldn’t? This LiveScience article has detailed the top 10:

10. Toe Shortening: The surgery involves removing part of the toe bone, can cost up to $10,000 and can lead to arthritis.

9. Laser Hair Removal: The treatment disables hair follicles and can lead to scarring if not properly done. Plus, it doesn’t remove all the hair, and it might only last for a couple of years.

8. Body Piercing: Piercing delicate places like nipples, genitals or your tongue can interfere with breastfeeding, increase the risk of spreading STDs, and chip your teeth, respectively.

7. Grills: The metal jewelry worn across your teeth costs thousands of dollars and can accelerate tooth and gum decay.

6. Permanent Makeup: Tattooing makeup on your face may be generally safe, assuming the fashion world and your taste won’t change in the next 50 years.

5. Bariatric Surgery: Over 40 percent of these surgeries result in major complications within six months, such as diarrhea or hernia.

4. Skin Whitening: Some topical whiteners contain mercury, which causes nerve and kidney damage. Others contain hydroquinone, a carcinogen banned in Europe that blotches your skin.

3. Botox: Botox, which paralyzes your facial muscles to rid you of wrinkles, can cause respiratory failure and death.

2. Penis Enhancement: The surgery carries an extreme risk of deformity and loss of sensitivity, which is why no reputable surgery will perform it on a healthy penis.

1. Liposuction: Liposuction removes only about 10 pounds of fat after four hours of dangerous surgery. Recovery is long and painful, and there is a death rate of 1 in 5,000 procedures.

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