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30 May 2008

Current Vitamin D Recommendations Are Dangerously Low

The current recommended daily allowance (RDA) of vitamin D for children is 200 International Units (IUs). However, new research reveals that children may need ten times that amount. An order-of-magnitude increase in recommended levels could improve the bone health of children worldwide, and may have other long-term health benefits.

According to the research, vitamin D at doses equivalent to 2,000 IUs is not only safe, but is actually necessary for achieving desirable vitamin D levels.

Children were given various doses of vitamin D at various intervals. Only children given the maximum amount in the study, 2,000 IUs a day, increased their blood levels of the vitamin to the level considered optimal. None of the children showed any evidence of vitamin D intoxication.


* Eurekalert May 27, 2008

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