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7 May 2008

Question: Saurkraut

Hi Dr. Kevin,

I've tried fermenting the vegs last saturday...and here's the outcome .

The vegetables still look fresh on the 3rd day, however, it taste like it's been soaked in it correct ? Both Dayna and I tried yesterday evening , taste good but just wonder if the taste should be such.

Anyway, I am going to try out tonite again, this time round in the glass container without the layer of cabbage leave right at the top...1 question, after filling up the space with filtered water, should I also leave some space for the vegetables to expand...what happen during the 1st attempt was that, the water overflows out from the container the next, I actually opened up the lid (meaning allowing some air to come in/go out) this ok to open out the lid during the 3 days fermenting ?
Dr Kevin:
Sounds like you did a great job... the veges should look the same ie preserved in that state... if it browns or rots then something is wrong. I mean, if it looks bad, tastes bad then it probably will be bad.

Try not to let the air in during the fermentation, the carbon dioxide produced will prevent the oxygen coming into the jar and keeps the veges from rotting. Thats why it need to be air tight. You can leave a bit of space at the top to allow for the expansion, but a couple of leaves to push the veges down and keep it under water. Get rid of the leaves when done.

Merely store it after 3-4 days (like wine it ages and becomes more sour as you leave it out longer).

To health,
Dr Kevin Lau

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