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22 July 2008

Low-Carb Diet Beats Low-Fat Diet

A low-carb diet and a Mediterranean-style diet both helped people lose more weight than a traditional low-fat diet in one of the longest and largest studies to compare the various weight-loss techniques.

The low-carb diet also improved cholesterol more than the other two, even though some critics had predicted the opposite result.

All three approaches achieved weight loss and improved cholesterol.

The low-fat diet restricted calories and cholesterol and focused on low-fat grains, vegetables and fruits as options. The Mediterranean diet had similar calorie, fat and cholesterol restrictions, emphasizing poultry, fish, olive oil and nuts. The low-carb diet set limits for carbohydrates, but none for calories or fat, although it urged dieters to choose vegetarian sources of fat and protein.


* Washington Post July 17, 2008

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