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5 July 2008

My Book: Research clears the cobwebs…

One day, just an idle googling of the key words ‘alternative medicine” threw up a glut of information on the net (363,000 searches in 0.32 seconds); 164,000 for alternative medicine and scoliosis in 0.24 seconds; 73,800 for food, alternate medicine and scoliosis in 0.35 seconds; 23,100 for food, exercise, alternate medicine and scoliosis in 0.40 seconds; and finally 711,000 search results for just food and scoliosis in 0.19 seconds!

So even when I narrowed down my search to the bare essentials (food and scoliosis) there was a glut of material posted on the net that briefly, I fell stunned into silence as well as a little intimidated. I began to question myself: what more knowledge could I possibly assemble that would add value to the pool that was already there in public domain?

I became wary and troubled at first and then all of a sudden the truth dawned.
I became clear that I did not want to produce another has-been. I wanted my book to be of real value and use to my patients. I wanted to share in this book startling facts and discoveries about things not known about scoliosis and nutrition.
I committed that day to write a book that would not waste mine or my readers’ time. That would be unique and valuable to my readers, packaged with information that they would not be able to readily find in popular literature.

I knew that through this book I wanted to tell them secret of how to balance nutrients, especially greens that can straighten their bodies and can regrow and even repair broken teeth, so why not our spines?

If our central nervous system receives the right amount of needed nutrients, as well as physical help in aligning...then why not?

I now had a clear plan and purpose in my head for my book.

Dr Kevin Lau

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