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5 November 2008

Winning the War on Cancer

In the book Winning the War on Cancer, author Dr. Mark Sircus discusses sodium bicarbonate, which helps to save countless lives every day. Sodium bicarbonate is the time honored method to “speed up” the return of the body’s bicarbonate levels to normal.

It is also the least expensive, safest, and perhaps most effective cancer medicine there is.

Sodium bicarbonate delivers a natural form of chemotherapy in a way that effectively kills cancer cells -- without the side effects and costs of standard chemotherapy treatments. The only problem with the treatment, according to Sircus, is that it’s too cheap. Since no one is going to make money from it, no one will promote it.

Those that do will be persecuted for it. The trouble with doing new studies on bicarbonate is that they are expensive and no drug company is going to fund a study when they can't profit from the treatment.

You can also check out this video interview with Dr. Tullio Simoncini, an oncologist from Rome who pointed to using bicarbonate as a main line cancer treatment and has been persecuted for it. Simoncini has stood firm and continues to travel the world teaching doctors about the anti-cancer properties of sodium bicarbonate.


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