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6 June 2009

Message from Dr Lau: Book Update

Final thoughts…

Today, I realize that I could be a writer; and a fairly good one at that. I can best express my feelings through writing. I write not only for personal satisfaction, but also to help my patients.

Therefore my writing has a concrete purpose. It gives me the maximum satisfaction. And the fodder for my writing comes from reading.

I am a voracious reader of books, magazines, journals; whatever I can lay my hands or eyes on.

In a manner, there is a strong connect between my writing and reading habit. The inspiration to write is usually derived from whatever literature I may have happed to read at a particular time. This also reminds me of Newton’s Third law of Motion: Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. So, if there is some input in the form of reading, at some point of time there also has to be some output in the form of writing. Perhaps that’s the reason why all great novelists and authors invariably have a reading habit.

What fuels their active churnings are not just their thoughts but also the ideas they randomly picked from other people, which in my case happen to be my patients. Reading, observing and interacting with my patients are a cycle through which most of my learning evolves.

Because of the skills I have gained though my observations, reading and writing, I am able to bring more confidence and trust into my relationship with my patients. It improves my skills as a doctor and I am able to connect better with my patients. Eventually, it makes me feel more alive. I feel worthy of learning and doing more.

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