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13 April 2010

MEDITRAC: TRACTION ON THE MOVE Treating your patient's BACK by moving FORWARD

Give your practice the competitive advantage needed to thrive by using Meditrac's revolutionary rehabilitation devices to treat neck and back pain. Always at the forefront of spinal rehabilitation technology, Meditrac is the only company that implements portable traction devices, allowing for "Traction on the Move". The use of our innovative wearable cervical and lumbar spine traction units lets patients engage in physical activity while receiving treatment. This gives the patient the added benefits of enhanced circulation, muscle strength and joint flexibility.

Vertetrac®, for the lumbar spine, provides three-dimensional decompression therapy for Lower Back Pain and Sciatica- a feature not offered by any other traction device. With the addition of an optional DBS (Dynamic Brace System), the device can be used for the treatment of Juvenile Scoliosis and degenerative spinal changes.

CerviCo 2000®, for the cervical spine, performs low-load (unloading) traction in the upright, natural spinal position. The device performs powerful yet controlled traction which produces forces that act equally on all parts of the disc.

Both Meditrac devices are easy to use and completely customizable to the needs of each patient. They are compact, portable and reliable, all while providing cost-effective results.

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