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6 October 2010

A Review of my Book off the Internet

In my office in Sept 2010
Im happy that someone I have never met before is enjoying the research and effort I put into creating this book. I would like to sincerely thank the site owner or reviewer from Salton Yogurt Maker.. Diet and exercise has and will always be intrinsically associated to all aspects of health from your heart, brain and even the spine. The site and review:

This is must have Health In Your Hands: Your Plan for Natural Scoliosis Prevention and Treatment (by CreateSpace) :
A brilliant book. This book was recommended to me by my chiropractor. I have had scoliosis since birth and for me I found the contents simply liberating. This is a book that takes a universal approach and looks at matters that most people wouldn't immediately link together. The chapters on diet and nutrition I found to be the most innovative as I have never come across a book that talks about what food people with spinal conditions should eat. The exercises were great too. Would highly recommend it to anyone who either suffers or wants to broaden his or her knowledge on the subject.

I have just finished reading Health In Your Hands. by Dr Kevin Lau and have had to run onto my computer to add my review. What a joyous experience it really was. Everyone must read this book. From start to finish I felt like my knowledge on scoliosis was being perpetually pumped to the point it would burst. Intense, detailed, thought provoking and revolutionary, what more would you possibly want from a book! Go and buy it.

Health in your hands.. Something tells me that I will be coming back to this book for sometime to come, Beautifully articulated with a profound sense of compassion that springs from every chapter. Lau is clearly an author who has devoted himself to understanding and in turn offering precise consultation on the subject of Scoliosis. Some very insightful chapters with tons of information on every aspect of the condition. A pleasure to read and will absolutely be going back to it.

A must read!!!!. I read this book from beginning to end in just 2 weeks. I don't think I have ever read a book that quick. Not only are the subjects relative to anyone who is interested in scoliosis but the books makes for great reading.

I particularly found the `Corrective Exercises for Scoliosis chapter a joy to read. It contained some brilliant pointers that I was previously unaware of. A fully accessible book that I highly recommend to everyone.

GREAT BOOK. I have been after a book like this for such a long time. It contains everything you would ever need to know about Scoliosis, from the condition itself, to appropriate foods, to a range of treatment and exercises that should be incorporated into the lives of scoliosis sufferers. I like the way it has been broken down into three easy to follow sections with clear indications as to the subject of each part. Really awesome book.

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