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5 July 2011

Study: Neurologic Deficit After Spine Surgery Benchmarks

Written by Laura Miller | June 28, 2011
New data shows that neurologic deficits are inherent potential complications of spine surgery, even among skilled spinal deformity surgeons, according to a study published in Spine.

Researchers examined 108,419 cases in The Scoliosis Research Society morbidity and mortality database, 1,064 of which were documented as new neurological deficits. There were 662 nerve root deficits, 74 cauda equine deficits and 293 spinal cord deficits. The deficits were not specified in 35 cases.

Revision cases had a 41 percent higher rate of NND as compared with primary cases, and pediatric cases showed a 59 percent higher rate of NND when compared with adult cases. The NND rate in cases with implants was more than twice the rate for cases without implants.

Read the abstract on scoliosis surgery complications.

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