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12 October 2011

Federal agents arrest prominent 'quackbuster' skeptic; anti-health crowd exposed as fraud

Certain websites whose primary purpose is to vilify nutritional medicine and alternative health practices are apparently owned and operated by a cabal of deranged, and just plain evil "pseudo-skeptics," suggests consumer advocate Tim Bolen in his recentBolen Report. And "Jose Luis Alvarez" (authorities do not know his real name), a man who has allegedly been living with skeptic ringleader James Randi, was recently arrested by federal agents on charges of identity theft.

First of all, it is important to stress that the overall impact of this anti-health crowd has diminished greatly over the years, as many of the so-called "quackbusters" running it have silently disappeared or (ironically) died of diseases that could have been prevented by the same treatments for which they lived to destroy. And thanks to the massive swell of truthful information about health that has swept the world via the internet and other methods, the "debunkers" have become increasingly obscure and irrelevant in such misinformation campaigns.

But some of the key players, of course, are still alive and very active in their efforts to malign any and all health protocols that deviate from the accepted scam of conventional drugs and surgery. And two individuals, Randi and his housemate Alvarez, have allegedly also been involved in identity theft, pedophilia, and a slew of other deviant activities and behaviors, according to Bolen.

"James Randi organized, I believe, and run[s] today, the worldwide Skeptic organization," writes Bolen in his report. "[Randi and several others] organized to control health care articles on the Wikipedia website, and created a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) network designed to catapult their anti-good-health-care articles to the first page of Google and other Search Engines. Viciousness is their game."

And the Alvarez scandal, as reported recently in South Florida'sSun Sentinel, is just the tip of the iceberg, alleges Bolen. According to Bolen's archive of information, including audio and video recordings, Randi was allegedly involved in soliciting sex from young boys, as well as promoting pedophilia (Randi, however, has denied such claims with several variant and conflicting explanations, says Bolen).

Bolen suggests that such disturbing behavior is common throughout the "pseudo-skeptic" network, and he supplies a wealth of compelling evidence to his readers that backs his case. You can read more from Bolen about this issue here:

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