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19 November 2011

Scoliosis is difficult to cure and easier to prevent.

Scoliosis, or a curvature of the spine, can affect fish along with many other animals.

There are several theories as to the cause of this disease inaquariums, but many experts believe that overcrowded fish tankscould be the reason behind some cases.

It is also linked to oxygen-poor water, fish food that is lacking in nutrients and inadequate mineral salts in the tank.

A deficiency of ascorbic acid, or vitamin C, has been related to this issue and other skeletal deformities.

Genetic factors have also been linked to this problem, with it commonly occurring when fish interbreed, especially among guppies.

Putting aquarium plants in the fish tank can lessen the likelihood of an animal suffering from scoliosis.

As it is difficult to treat this condition, it is important to maintain good water quality and use water testing kitsregularly, as well as providing fish with an adequate diet and keeping the tank within preferred temperatures.

Posted by Olivia Rose

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Dr Kevin Lau DC is the founder of Health In Your Hands, a series of tools for Scoliosis prevention and treatment. The set includes his book Your Plan for Natural Scoliosis Prevention and Treatment, a companion Scoliosis Exercises for Prevention and Correction DVD and the innovative new iPhone application ScolioTrack. Dr Kevin Lau D.C. is a graduate in Doctor of Chiropractic from RMIT University in Melbourne Australia and Masters in Holistic Nutrition from Clayton College of Natural Health in USA. In 2006 I was awarded the "Best Health-care Provider Awards" by the largest Newspaper publication in Singapore on October 18 2006 as well as being interviewed on Primetime Channel News Asia as well as other TV and Radio. For more information on Dr Kevin Lau, watch his interviews or get a free sneak peek of his book, go to:

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