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22 December 2011

27-Year-Old Adelaide Woman Dies Weighing 12Kg with scoliosis, Parents Arrested for Murder

Note from Dr Kevin Lau: 
This is a sad story I read in the newspaper the other day and certainly harks back to my understanding of how important nutrition is to the development of not only the spine for a child but their health it self. Even though most parents of scoliosis sufferers are not neglecting their children health, in this modern society we living in we are malnourished by the modern diet that we are living on. Please read Your Plan for Natural Scoliosis Correction and Prevention and feed your children well.
By Arlene Paredes | December 21, 2011 12:38 PM EST
A 27-year-old disabled woman died at home weighing only 12kg, prompting the police to arrest her parents for murder by neglect, as they may have deliberately left her uncared for at their home.
The parents, both teachers, were arrested by police Monday morning at their home in the suburb of Brighton North, southwest of Adelaide, reported the Herald Sun.
REUTERS/Ismail Taxta
A woman holds her malnourished child on arrival at Banadir hospital in Mogadishu July 7, 2011. The United Nations says 2.8 million people in Somalia need emergency aid after the worst drought in 60 years hit the Horn of Africa region. In the worst-hit areas, one in three children is suffering from malnutrition.
The death was reported on March 19, and Adelaide detectives started an investigation as it seemed the woman had wasted away to weigh just 12kg at the time of her death.
The woman was reportedly bedridden, and she suffered a number of disabilities, including scoliosis.
The family's neighbours had told The Adelaide Advertiser they did not know the woman lived at the address.
The woman's parents, aged 56 and 55, lived with at least one other relative at their home, the Herald noted.
The couple will appear in court on Tuesday to face police allegations that they deliberately caused the death of their daughter by neglecting to adequately feed and care for her. 
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