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6 December 2011

7 Foods Many Experts Won't Eat

Wake Up World has assemble a list of foods that are avoided by people who know the facts.  Here are a few examples:
GMO FOODS:  Not only do GMO foods encourage the massive spraying of insecticides, but studies have shown that pesticide-producing genes in these foods transfer to your intestinal flora. GMO foods come with a staggering environmental, political, economic, and social cost.
CANNED TOMATOES:  Food can lining contains bisphenol-A (BPA), a synthetic estrogen that has been linked to many illnesses.  The problem worsens when the cans contain acidic food such as tomatoes, which leach BPA into the food.
CORN-FED BEEF:  Cattle evolved to eat grass rather than corn.  But modern cattle are fed so as to fatten them up faster, not to keep them healthy.  The result is beef that is much less nutritious.
MICROWAVE POPCORN:  Chemicals that line the bag, such as PFOA, have been linked to infertility in humans and various forms of cancer in animal tests.
To see the rest of the list, you can click on the link below.


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