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20 November 2007

Antibiotics and The Immune System

"Current Research indicates that 70% of the immune system is located in or around the digestive system." (-Digestive Wellness by Elizabeth Lipski)

The very trillions of beneficial bacteria that are actively working daily and helping you to maintain your immune system and health in your small intestine and colon are DESTROYED by ANTIBIOTICS! The loss of the beneficial bacteria means the disease producing organisms and the endotoxins they generate will thrive in your gastrointestinal tract, opening your body to more harmful bacteria, parasites, viruses, and yeasts that are resistant to the antibiotics used. This can lead to chronic overpowering sicknesses including Asthma and Allergies and a host of other medical problems that WILL RESULT in a greatly SHORTENED LIFESPAN. At this point you will have no natural immune system (because the antibiotics have killed off major components of it) --just as most of the known world no longer has a strong, naturally functioning immune system. This is why the doctors and drug companies already have more antibiotics and artificial immune system boosting protocols standing by to use on you -- trying to destroy the organisms which were let into your body by the same antibiotics in the first place. It is a truly viscous cycle.

There is a natural solution to replacing those crucial beneficial organisms (beneficial intestinal flora). Probiotic supplements replace the intestinal flora destroyed by antibiotics so that the immune system can again begin to do the job it was designed to do.

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