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10 November 2007

Asprin for anti-aging? Try natto instead!

An aspirin a day does NOT keep the doctor away -- The fact that Dr. Roizen includes taking aspirin, which has absolutely no business being on this list is a strong indication that that he is relatively unaware of the true causes of aging. Using aspirin for heart disease has been controversial for years because aspirin is ineffective for heart disease prevention, and fraught with side effects.

A more natural and safer option is to consume natto. Natto (fermented soybeans) is a traditional Japanese food with a thousand year-old history. I have personally started to consume a serving of natto every other day. It contains nattokinase -- a powerful enzyme -- and is very high in vitamin K2, which is essential for building strong bones and promoting heart health.

One serving of natto is actually equivalent to taking eight capsules of the vitamin K2 that we sell, and it’s a fraction of the price, with far more benefits than isolated K2. Ancient Samurai consumed natto on a daily basis to increase their speed and strength. To this day, the people of Japan consume natto regularly, and live longer. That is one of the reasons I started it. It is loaded with a bacteria called bacillus subtilus that may also preclude the need to take a probiotic. I think we all should regularly consume fermented foods and natto is the one that I have chosen to eat.

Remember, even though they are soy beans they are FERMENTED so virtually every negative element associated with soy is neutralized by the fermentation process.

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