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8 November 2007

High Blood Sugar Leads to Colorectal Cancer

Diabetes sufferers with high levels of insulin and glucose in their blood are also at a higher risk developing recurrent colorectal tumors. Elevated glucose levels are the greatest risk factor.

A new study has shown that elevated glucose and insulin increases the chance of tumor recurrence by anywhere from 50 percent to 240 percent!

Even slightly impaired fasting glucose (an early sign of insulin resistance) results in a significantly increased risk of recurrence for the polyps most likely to become invasive forms of cancer.

One of the major benefits of reducing grain carbohydrates is that you will reduce your insulin levels. This research provides more confirming evidence that elevated insulin levels are a major factor that contributes to the growth of all cancers. Anytime you can shift your bread, pasta, rice, cereal or bagel for a serving of vegetables you will take a huge proactive step towards preventing cancer.


* Science Daily November 5, 2007

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