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1 April 2008

Does an Apple a Day Keep Colon Cancer Away?

Apples may have a positive effect on your colon. Components of apple pectin and polyphenol-rich apple juice have been shown to enhance biological mechanisms that produce anticarcinogenic compounds during the fermentation process.

Researchers hypothesized that the compound butyrate could be increased in the presence of apple pectin and apple juice extracts. Butyrate is a chemopreventative metabolite that could prevent the occurrence of colorectal cancer.

Using human fecal matter as the test substance, laboratory tests showed increased production of butyrate and inhibition of histone deacetlyases (HDAC) as a result. With slowed production of HDAC, there would be significantly less growth of precancerous and cancerous cells.


* Eurekalert March 26, 2008

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