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2 April 2008

Message from Dr Lau: My book

Sometime ago, I read somewhere that the birth of a book is no different from the birth of a baby. The author necessarily goes through the same trials, tribulations and birth pangs, as a woman in labor; or perhaps worse, as was experiences with my first book on Curing Scoliosis Naturally.

Since it was my first "pregnancy" the doubts and apprehensions of being able to put my ideas to paper as succinctly as I wanted, weighed heavy on my mind, even as I struggled to brush aside those nagging thoughts and gamely strove to clear all the cobwebs, before rolling up my sleeves to get down to the more serious business of actual writing.

At the outset, since I had no clear agenda or plan in my head, except for my intense desire to help my patients by sharing with them every bit of information that I had painstakingly gathered in my head and through my practical experiences of working with virtually hundreds of scoliosis patients, besides what I randomly picked from medical journals, I decided to begin with an outline, a more formal content plan.
At this point, I decided that I wanted to write not one, but two books, one devoted exclusively to nutritional research --- essentially detailing the good and bad that we derive from food, while dispelling the prevailing myth that there could be a uniform, one-size-fits-all diet for every person on this planet.

In my view, and here I am speak on authority, one of the biggest myth amidst us is that there could be one, “healthy” diet plan for all; a “fix-all” for all health-related problems. On the contrary, as I have explained in my book there is now enough research (I have meticulously marshaled and presented these scientific evidences in my book) to establish that since each one of us is significantly different from the other in terms of genetic make-up and our cultural practices and environmental exposure; our nutritional needs and requirements are also vastly different. Indeed as different as chalk from cheese.

Therefore, if your doctor, dietitian or chiropractor is unable to help you figure out what your exact nutritional requirements are --- in terms of the exact proportion of proteins, fats and carbohydrates that you should be consuming every day --- he/she is doing a disservice to you. Your doctor is in fact also holding back one of the best-kept secrets of the medical world, and that is that diet plans can not be mass marketed and work on everyone.
In my considered vie (and I have strong evidence in support of it) diet plans have to be customized to individual patients in order to be of any use to them. This is as true for patients of scoliosis, as anybody else.

I for all my patients starting a program with me I often struggle to disclose and share all the information I have with these hapless girls and their parents and wish I had some sort of ready literature to thrust into their hands, explaining why bracing or surgery is not effective; and that there could be a much more simpler, easier and a painless way of straightening a curved spine, such as the choice of the right food and a few corrective exercises.

All this marked the first stirrings of an idea in my head.

And that’s how this book, “The Scoliosis Cure” was born. Title needs a bit of work but that will do for now.

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