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16 September 2008

Breast Cancer and Iodine Deficiency

Iodine is critical for breast tissue function and has been shown to be lower in cancerous breast tissue of women with breast cancer.1 I suspect that iodine deficiency is a significant contributor to breast cancer, and after we complete our study of Natural Treatments for Infertility the next study planned by our foundation is to add high dose Iodine (Iodoral—a mix of Iodide and Iodine with 12,500 mcg/tablet) to the treatment of women with breast cancer. In the interim, I strongly encourage the use of Iodoral 1 tablet a day (or more if under a physician's supervision) for all women with breast cancer (along with CoEnzyme Q10 at 200-400 mg a day).

I also strongly encourage those with breast cancer or breast cysts to read an excellent book called, simply, "Iodine" by Dr. David Brownstein (available at Dr. Brownstein's website).


Kilbane MT , et al. Tissue iodine Content and serum mediated Iodine uptake blocking activity in Breast cancer. J Clin Endo and Metab 85: 1245-1250, 2000.

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