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16 September 2008

Colon Cancer Recurrence Reduced with Flavonoids

In this study of 87 patients (36 with resected colon cancer and 51 after polypectomy), 31 were supplemented with flavonoids and the other 56 were not treated. The flavonoid mixture consisted of 20 mg/d apigenin and 20 mg/d epigallocatechin-gallat. Subjects were observed for 3-4 years. Among the patients with resected colon cancer, those treated with flavonoids (n=14) had zero cases of recurrence of cancer and only one adenoma, compared with a 20% recurrence rate of cancer and a 27% adenoma development rate among controls. These results suggest that long term supplementation with flavonoids may dramatically reduce the rate of colon cancer recurrence—even in those with resected colon cancer.


"Prospective cohort comparison of flavonoid treatment in patients with resected colorectal cancer to prevent recurrence," Hoensch H, Kirch W, et al, World J Gastroenterol, 2008; 14(14): 2187-93.

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