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17 July 2006

Dead Doctors Don't Lie!

We have seen before at this link that physicians, and especially psychiatrists commit suicide more frequently than the rest of the population. Why? Perhaps they actually believe that their medicine is their "cure". Who knows. We know this is preposterous and that proper nutrition is the only way to actual health, barring accidental injury or infection. I am not the first to expound upon this subject. Many others have spoken too. Perhaps one of the most eloquent was Dr. Joel Wallach, author of the popular audio tape "Dead Doctors Don't Lie: But Live Ones Do". In 1991, he was nominated for a Nobel Prize in Medicine (meaning a person having already won one, nominated him). Did he get it? No. Perhaps if he had, medicine would be vastly better today. Instead, pigs get better health care than humans, and Dr. Wallach was vilified. Why? Veterinarians and farmers know that the only way to profit is from healthy pigs through nutrition, not drugs. On the other hand, it seems to me that physicians and our government [perhaps biased by the trillion dollar health(sic) industry place economic concerns ahead of people, by emphasizing drugs and demeaning nutrition. Does it make sense for the government to prohibit saying, "nutrients can cure, prevent or treat disease"? I don't think so unless one is ready to call scurvy a non-disease. Do you know how much a pork chop would cost if medical doctors were in charge of animal health? Dr. Wallach pegs it at over $325 per pork chop. Get the idea? If I get sick, sent me to a veterinarian! If you have never heard his eloquent call for medical doctors to exercise logic concerning nutrition and long life, or if you are an old admirer who want to again hear his world-famous lecture series, go to this page and follow the links to his 5-part audio tape. At his peek, he made 300 lectures a year. If you want to visit his site go to and see a truly caring man's work. See why he says that all people and animals that die of "natural causes" actually die of malnutrition. Listen to his tapes at learn which profession kills 300,000 people a year in the U.S. and gets paid for it! He says, "don't ever go to a physician if you want to live a long life".

Dead Doctor's Don't Lie Link

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