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16 July 2006

Who's in charge of your health?

One of the main goals of my blog site is to help patients take greater responsibility for their own health issues through safer, healthier means and not merely rely on the debatable wisdom of governmental health experts looking for the next drug-based "cure."

So, how do physicians react to patients who question their treatments? An interesting piece in the Washington Post offers a first-person account from one physician who recalls treating such encounters with patients with a great deal of skepticism that, over the years, has since been replaced with "an appreciation for patients who inform themselves."

I love it when patients know more than me... as strange as that sounds it makes me strive for more knowledge. While most medical physicians prefer to dictate to patients what they should do, I always believe patients have the right to first be informed and then decide the course of action that seem right for them. Enjoy the article:

Washington Post Article Click Here

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