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12 July 2006

Healing Rays

Sunlight is an essential component in the healing processes for scoliosis cases along with other baseline elements such as natural whole foods, clean air, good sleep and sufficient water. Merely making sure that one exposes themselves to the right amounts of the suns rays each day help improve energy and sleep. Lack of sunlight particularly in the morning leads to day time drowsiness due to high levels of melatonin still present. When sunlight hits the eyes in the morning it halts the production of melatonin in the body, hense resetting our bodies internal clock for the new day. Along with supplying our bodies with vitamin D, everyone should ideally try to get one hours of sunlight on their face and arms each day. The key is to not get burnt so morning and midday sun is preferrable. For those worried about skin cancer, research has shown that proper sun exposure can actually heal melenomas.

Sunlight - the ultimate detoxifier?
excerpted from Daylight Robbery - The Importance of Sunlight to Health by Dr. Damien Downing (Chapter 13)

[I]t is only the Russians who have fully appreciated this effect of sunlight and put it to use. Their experiments showed that animals exposed to the correct doses of sunlight were capable of clearing a wide range of toxins out of their system considerably quicker than animals reared away from the sun. The toxins that they studied included quartz and coal dusts, toxic minerals such as lead, cadmium and mercury, liver poisons such as carbon tetrachloride, and the neurotoxins which these days are so heavily used worldwide as pesticides. They found that sunlight speeded up the clearance of toxins from the body twice to as much as twenty times. The best effect was obtained when sunlight exposure had started some time before exposure to the toxin.

Gabovich, R.D., et al., 'Effect of Ultraviolet Radiation on Tolerance of the Organism to Chemical Substances', Vestn Akad Med Nauk SSSR: 3; 26-28, 1975.

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