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13 July 2006

Kefir: Healing the gut and improving magnesium retention.

I am continually exploring all aspects of the healing world to give you the best life and health enhancement products and concepts. I see myself as a mad scientist, experimenting with new health supplements and food items. Some have been helpful, but unfortunately most have been disappointing. One product which I have been using on a daily basis for the past 5 months is Kefir... and the results have been fantastic! I believe in a world that has become overtly sanitised, more and more people are suffering from chronic low grade infection, fatigue and excess stress due to a bacterial imbalance leading to digestive problems. With so many people purchasing supplements, all will be gone to waste if you aren't absorbing the necessary nutrients. This compounded by the fact that most are purchasing synthetic/isolated/lab produced supplements which are inferior in absorption and nutrient to whole food nutrition/supplements... its no wonder these people are not experiencing optimal health! If you are serious about preventing disease, boosting your immunity, and increasing your daily energy, then adding traditionally fermented foods to your diet is a must. Although not widely known, the health benefits of these foods are tremendous.

One of my patients, Patrick was kind enough to give me a kefir grain to cultivate with. This I believe is far superior than commercially bought starter packs. I hope to cultivate the grains and start ditributing to my clients soon.

Introducing Kefir into Your Diet

Some people thrive on kefir right from the start and others may need to proceed more slowly. For those who have candidiasis, I recommend a slower build up for tolerance. Start with about four ounces in the morning on an empty stomach. Every second day, increase the amount until you are able to drink a full eight ounce glass.

For anyone who may still have trouble digesting the milk kefir, I recommend making it from the juice of young green coconuts. Look for either the green shell or a white "husk" if the outer shell has been removed.

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