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15 July 2006

Watch Super Size Me For Free

If you and your family haven't had the opportunity to watch Morgan Spurlock's awesome documentary Super Size Me, you can watch it for free online at the link below. I can not believe how many people still ask me why diet is so important... With every food that goes into your body you have a chioce to either strengthen it or slowly degraded it... the last is what we call the "normal aging" process. I think its sad how we have forgotten or choose to ignore the importance of food being your medicine and given it the respect it deserves.

The simple premise of this award-winning film: Measuring the personal and physical effects of eating a "McDonald's diet" for a month. Over the course of his fast food regimen, you'll see Spurlock's physical and mental health decline as he gains 25 pounds and suffers many of the same health complaints -- fatigue, indigestion and headaches -- I see often in patients.

An interesting factoid: Two months after the DVD release of Super Size Me came this timely study linking the frequency of fast-food dining to obesity and insulin resistance. Unfortunately, the success of Super Size Me didn't prevent a return of super-sized food items to the McDonald's menu.


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