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26 March 2008

Message from Dr Lau: Soy

Today Ive posted another article debating the health benefits of soy. From my own personal experiance, soy has never been helpful to my health unless in the fermented state like soya sauce, natto or miso. Due to the high presence of antinutrients that potentially block minerals and the insulin raising effect or this legume, I can confidently say that I feel healthier when i eliminated unfermented soy products like soy milks, tofu etc.

Each person is different and while I am a protein type, those who have a metabolic type closer to a carbo type will be able to handle soy products better. I guess the only one who knows is your own body. So listen to your won body... with some experimentation and guidence with metabolict typing you will be able to find the right foods to eat.

To good health,
Dr Kevin Lau

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