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15 July 2006

Autism linked to VACCINATION

The daily mail has recently reported the record rise of autism cases. For many years now autism has been linked to mercury found in vaccines. A few years ago, Bernard and her associates began to notice a striking similarity between the symptoms of autism and the symptoms of mercury poisoning. The more research she did, the more it seemed that these two diseases were virtually identical.

Autism and mercury poisoning damage the: brain/nerve cells; eyes; immune system; gastrointestinal system; muscle control; and the speech center.

Although mercury toxicity has been studied for decades, and EPA safety levels have been set, during all that time a child's greatest exposure to mercury - thimerosal in vaccines - was never even included in the toxicity studies!

The talk has always been about methylmercury from seafood and the environment, totally ignoring the two most toxic sources of mercury for children: vaccines and dental amalgams.

I beg all mothers to really consider the benefits of vaccination and get informed. Your childs health depends on it.
Daily Mail link

Factoid: Amish children dont have autism. Since they have been cut off for hundreds of years from American culture and scientific progress, the Amish may have had less exposure to some new factor triggering autism in the rest of population. The likely culprit: vaccines. Google autism and amish to read more.

Watch Super Size Me For Free

If you and your family haven't had the opportunity to watch Morgan Spurlock's awesome documentary Super Size Me, you can watch it for free online at the link below. I can not believe how many people still ask me why diet is so important... With every food that goes into your body you have a chioce to either strengthen it or slowly degraded it... the last is what we call the "normal aging" process. I think its sad how we have forgotten or choose to ignore the importance of food being your medicine and given it the respect it deserves.

The simple premise of this award-winning film: Measuring the personal and physical effects of eating a "McDonald's diet" for a month. Over the course of his fast food regimen, you'll see Spurlock's physical and mental health decline as he gains 25 pounds and suffers many of the same health complaints -- fatigue, indigestion and headaches -- I see often in patients.

An interesting factoid: Two months after the DVD release of Super Size Me came this timely study linking the frequency of fast-food dining to obesity and insulin resistance. Unfortunately, the success of Super Size Me didn't prevent a return of super-sized food items to the McDonald's menu.


Vitamin D/Sunshine Advocate Still Under Attack

An interesting column on the MSNBC Web site demonstrates the ongoing and outrageous fear campaign by groups like the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) to discredit the advice of Dr. Michael Holick, one of the world's leading vitamin D researchers who advocates getting the right amount of it naturally through daily sunshine exposure.

So much so, that the reporter received a strong scolding from the AAD, because advocating time in the sunshine "endangers America's health." The association's stance has much to do with its success in scaring people away from the sun and endangering their health by pushing toxic sunscreen concoctions.

The sad fact about all this unnecessary hoopla: Although Dr. Holick's detractors believe his philosophy is scientifically sound, that didn't prevent him from being forced to resign from his position in the dermatology department at Boston University.

The AAD's argument against sun exposure is one of fear and abstinence, Dr. Holick says, and not moderation. The trick about getting enough vitamin D naturally is to limit your sun exposure at the beginning to no more than 10 minutes a day -- a very conservative approach -- then progressively increasing it over time.

MSNBC news link

Drug Companies Paying for Research Outcomes

Modern Medicine has always proclaimed that it is more inclined to scientific evaluation. Unfortunately most research done are on drug trials and hence do nothing in helping find the cure for diseases. It may come as news to most people, but apart from antibiotics no other drugs actually cure a particular disease... So all these drugs actually do is suppress symptoms. What is even more disconcerting is drug companies are paying researchers for a particular outcome, rather than being objective. Here is an article in the New York Times which highlights this:

Medical Journal Says It Was Again Misled

Published: July 13, 2006

CHICAGO, July 12 — For the second time in two months, The Journal of the American Medical Association says it was misled by researchers who failed to reveal financial ties to drug companies.

The journal is tightening its policies for researchers as a result.

Dr. Catherine DeAngelis, the journalÂ’s editor in chief,

said her main concern was the impact on readers, who she said needed to know about researchersÂ’ financial conflicts of interest to properly evaluate their studies.

The latest incident, disclosed in letters to the editor and a correction in WednesdayÂ’s journal, involves a study showing that pregnant women who stop taking antidepressants risk slipping back into depression.

Most of the 13 authors have financial ties to drug companies including antidepressant makers, but only two of them revealed their ties when the study was published in February.

Antidepressant use during pregnancy is controversial, and some studies have suggested that the drugs could pose risks to the fetus.

The authors of the study defended their research in a letter to the editor published Wednesday. The lead author, Dr. Lee Cohen of Massachusetts General Hospital, who is on the speakerÂ’s bureau for eight drug companies, disputed that such ties could influence findings.

14 July 2006

Another diversion... Statistics is fun!

The next diversion is another great talk by Hans Rosling is a public health expert, director of Sweden's world-renowned Karolinska Institute, and founder of Gapminder, a non-profit that brings vital global data to life. With the drama and urgency of a sportscaster, he debunks a few myths about the "developing" world.

I was fascinated by how countries that placed health as a priority propelled the nation further in fiance and development. This reminds me of a quote I once read... He who has health has everything. Now I have the data to back it up!

Enjoy :)

Hans Rosling's Talk

Sustainable Environment... Truely Moving!

Whiles leisurely surfing the web, I have come across a truely inspirational and moving talk by Majora Carter. She is the Macarthur-winning founder of Sustainable South Bronx, an organization dedicated to holistic community development, sponsoring projects that create jobs, protect the environment and bring beautiful green space to the inner city. Beware, as it almost brought a flicker of tear to my eye (emphasis on the almost).

Majora's Carter Talk

13 July 2006

Possible Legal Action On Medical Problems Caused By Soy

The Weston A. Price Foundation is undertaking a new initiative to investigate instances and arrange possible legal assistance for individuals who believe that they or their child may have suffered serious physical or medical consequences as a result of ingesting one or more products containing soy.

A growing body of credible medical and dietary research suggests that soy products may cause adverse medical and developmental conditions in susceptible persons, especially children – who in some instances may be affected by soy products consumed either by themselves (for instance, in baby formula) or by their mothers prior to giving birth.

The Weston A. Price Foundation is exploring the causal connection between soy and various serious conditions – see attached listing. We have also sought out competent attorneys in the United States and elsewhere, who may develop medical evidence in a number of these cases to pursue damages or other appropriate remedies against the manufacturers and sellers of soy products.

Chronic Fatigue
Heart Arrhythmia
Heart or Liver Disease
Infertility/Reproductive Problems
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Learning Disabilities/ADD/ADHD
Pancreatic Disorders
Premature or Delayed Puberty
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Thyroid Conditions:
Auto-Immune Thyroid Disorders (Graves’ or Hashimoto’s Disease)
Thyroid Nodules
Thyroid Cancer
Other thyroid disorders
Uterine Cancer
Weight Gain

Always feeling cold or warm
Behavioral problems
Brittle nails
Hair thinning or loss
Learning deficiencies
Lethargy or low blood pressure
Sore bones and joints
Watery or swelling eyes

Shocking but true account of how modern medicine works

I came across this interesting video clip a few months back. While it didnt present anything new at that time I believe a majority of the population would be shocked into disbelief at what is being presented. In time the truth will finally be exposed on the pharaceutical and medical (or sickness) industry.


Watch the Town of Allopath Online Video Now

Kefir: Healing the gut and improving magnesium retention.

I am continually exploring all aspects of the healing world to give you the best life and health enhancement products and concepts. I see myself as a mad scientist, experimenting with new health supplements and food items. Some have been helpful, but unfortunately most have been disappointing. One product which I have been using on a daily basis for the past 5 months is Kefir... and the results have been fantastic! I believe in a world that has become overtly sanitised, more and more people are suffering from chronic low grade infection, fatigue and excess stress due to a bacterial imbalance leading to digestive problems. With so many people purchasing supplements, all will be gone to waste if you aren't absorbing the necessary nutrients. This compounded by the fact that most are purchasing synthetic/isolated/lab produced supplements which are inferior in absorption and nutrient to whole food nutrition/supplements... its no wonder these people are not experiencing optimal health! If you are serious about preventing disease, boosting your immunity, and increasing your daily energy, then adding traditionally fermented foods to your diet is a must. Although not widely known, the health benefits of these foods are tremendous.

One of my patients, Patrick was kind enough to give me a kefir grain to cultivate with. This I believe is far superior than commercially bought starter packs. I hope to cultivate the grains and start ditributing to my clients soon.

Introducing Kefir into Your Diet

Some people thrive on kefir right from the start and others may need to proceed more slowly. For those who have candidiasis, I recommend a slower build up for tolerance. Start with about four ounces in the morning on an empty stomach. Every second day, increase the amount until you are able to drink a full eight ounce glass.

For anyone who may still have trouble digesting the milk kefir, I recommend making it from the juice of young green coconuts. Look for either the green shell or a white "husk" if the outer shell has been removed.

12 July 2006

Magnesium: A mineral all scoliosis sufferers need to know

Magnesium is one of the worlds most important and under rated mineral. This article highlights how research has shown that post menopausal osteoporosis may in fact be due to magnesium deficiency rather than calcium deficiency. All those demonstrating low bone density ie scoliotic and postmenopausal women should consider supplementing Mg on a periodic basis to facilitate treatment. Another finding I see commonly with scoliotic patients is low energy, this can be easily and quickly corrected once Mg intracellular levels are restablished. Also those suffering constipation or have difficulty passing stools always have Mg deficiencies leading and must normalise this critically important function.

Unfortunately while it is easy to replenish Mg stores, one must also combat Mg wasting, excessive loss of Mg thru the Kidneys which some are genetically predisposed to or from other factors such as overuse of laxatives, excess sweating, alcohol promotes magnesium loss, as do diets high in animal protein, sugar, sodium, and calcium. High blood levels of adrenaline and cortisol (hormones released during stress) cause serious urinary magnesium losses. Excessive noise and heat stress also promotes urinary magnesium losses. This could explain why one of my clients went over to Melbourne and did not suffer from any symptoms but upon returning to hot and stressful Singapore her symptoms started to flare up again. Retention of Mg can be facilitated by improving digestive function with Kefir, Antifungals such as coconut oils, Florastor. Getting the right Mg supplement is extremely important, for example Mg Oxide do not dissolve readily and therefore absorption is poor leading to diahrea. The best forms are Mg taurate or chelated forms.

For those patients who have recently completed a hair mineral analysis, this following site offers excellent information about how each mineral work related to one another. A section about scolisosis being possibly due to mineral imbalance seems correct based on those hair samples I acquired off my patients.

Mineral imbalance and scoliosis



1. The Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) for Mg is between 350 and 450 milligrams (mg) – (6mg per kg per day). One pound of spinach and its cooking water a day will meet this requirement for a normal adult. Green vegetables with their chlorophyll, which contains Mg are good choices, as are nuts, legumes, unpolished rice, and whole grains. But the American diet contains too many refined ingredients. If you are pregnant or ill 600 mg of Mg/day - (10 mg/kg/day), is usually required.

2. The diet of high-income American women contains 120 mg of Mg per 1,000 calories. (Am Col Nutr 1993;12:444). Who today eats 3,000 to 4,500 calories per day in America? If you diet how much Mg do you get per day?

3. Chronic diarrhea is a common cause of Mg deficiency (MgD) and constipation is a common symptom of MgD.

4. Studies have shown that only 25% of Americans receive the RDA of Mg in their diet and 39% get less than 70% of the RDA.

5. Therefore, most healthy Americans need at least 350 mg or as much as 600 mg per day of supplemental elemental Mg, just to remain in positive Mg balance (PMgB). Which means, one takes in and absorbs more Mg than one loses in the urine. Unfortunately, many have other causes of negative Mg balance (NMgB), which commonly results in MgD.

6. If one tolerates 1,000 or more mg of Mg per day and has a normal serum Mg (sMg) level, that person must have at least the mildest form of MgD, an intracellular MgD. This is referred to as normomagnesemia MgD, a very frequent event, the part below the tip of an iceberg. Only 10-20% of those with MgD have a low sMg level, the only test of MgD, many doctors recognize and/or ever test. The other 80-90% with normal sMg, need tests for intracellular Mg content, or for Mg wasting.

COMMON CAUSES OF MgD is very complicated situation, for example: the drug Neurontin binds Mg in the GI tract and results in a malabsorption of both oral Mg and Neurontin (PDR says 24%). While the Company claims to have no information on Neurontin binding of Mg in the blood, clinical experience has shown that sMg levels must be lowered causing symptoms of MgD. While maybe not causing low sMg levels, per se, this drug does cause hypertension due to catecholamine (adrenalin type hormones for example, from stress) release (a known cause of redistribution of Mg) and hyperglycemia (an increase in blood sugar/glucose) both of which result in sMg loss by redistribution of Mg (into tissue) and by an increased urinary Mg wasting (uMg). Thus, this very important medication can cause MgD through three of the four mechanisms listed below the illustration. The following illustration shows the relationships of this complicated situation, in that an excess (a surge) of alcohol, catecholamine or glucose. *Note extra alcohol and extra glucose both result in an increase in catecholamine which ultimately leads indirectly to additional increase in urinary magnesium wasting.

Healing Rays

Sunlight is an essential component in the healing processes for scoliosis cases along with other baseline elements such as natural whole foods, clean air, good sleep and sufficient water. Merely making sure that one exposes themselves to the right amounts of the suns rays each day help improve energy and sleep. Lack of sunlight particularly in the morning leads to day time drowsiness due to high levels of melatonin still present. When sunlight hits the eyes in the morning it halts the production of melatonin in the body, hense resetting our bodies internal clock for the new day. Along with supplying our bodies with vitamin D, everyone should ideally try to get one hours of sunlight on their face and arms each day. The key is to not get burnt so morning and midday sun is preferrable. For those worried about skin cancer, research has shown that proper sun exposure can actually heal melenomas.

Sunlight - the ultimate detoxifier?
excerpted from Daylight Robbery - The Importance of Sunlight to Health by Dr. Damien Downing (Chapter 13)

[I]t is only the Russians who have fully appreciated this effect of sunlight and put it to use. Their experiments showed that animals exposed to the correct doses of sunlight were capable of clearing a wide range of toxins out of their system considerably quicker than animals reared away from the sun. The toxins that they studied included quartz and coal dusts, toxic minerals such as lead, cadmium and mercury, liver poisons such as carbon tetrachloride, and the neurotoxins which these days are so heavily used worldwide as pesticides. They found that sunlight speeded up the clearance of toxins from the body twice to as much as twenty times. The best effect was obtained when sunlight exposure had started some time before exposure to the toxin.

Gabovich, R.D., et al., 'Effect of Ultraviolet Radiation on Tolerance of the Organism to Chemical Substances', Vestn Akad Med Nauk SSSR: 3; 26-28, 1975.

10 July 2006

My Mission

This blog will be used to document the insights and research gained from helping those with scoliosis and other musculoskeletal problems. Current methods of helping those with scoliosis is useless and dangerous, offering bracing to slow curve progression or surgery that leads to lifelong scar.

"It is my vision to transform the existing medical paradigm from one addicted to pharmaceuticals, surgeries and other methods that only mask symptoms to one focused on finding and treating the underlying causes."

In the medical perspective a scoliosis is purely seen and an abnormal curvature of the spine a syndrome or disease state. My personal views is that scolisois is merely a superficial symptom for something else happening on a deeper level, for scoliosis to exist certain deficiencies or imbalances must be present for an abnormal curvature to occur. These imbalances could be in the form of nutritional, digestive bacterial, hormonal and structural for a scoliosis to present. As such I have expanded my knowledge base from merely treating the structural component of scoliosis to incorporate nutritional, lifestyle management and life extension concepts into my practice. Spending a majority of my free time I have dedicated to helping my patients archive a higher level of health rather than merely eliminating there symptoms.

The conventional medical paradigm has been a destructive influence in our culture, promoting disease by pinning all focus on mere treatments that patch over existing illness while virtually ignoring both prevention and real cure. By far the key contributor to this dangerous misperception of what "healthcare" means is the pharmaceutical industry. The drug companies thrive in a state where people remain sick and more are getting sick, as that means both repeat customers and a growing base for their overpriced treatments.

It is no surprise, then, that the drug companies have traditionally been one of the most profitable industries on the planet, generating hundreds of billions of dollars in profit annually.

Current health care methods rely on disempowering patients by making them reliant on dangerous pharmaceutical drugs that merely mask symptoms or undergoing aggressive surgeries... In essence always being reliant on others for our own good health. If you are suffering from a chronic disease I challenge you to educate yourself about your own problem. With an abundance of information at easy access from the internet it is important to always be critical of everything that you read. Utilizing trusted sites such as:
News Target

While they are an excellent starting point for reliable and truthful information it is always important to work with a practitioner who takes the time to listen to you and understand your situation. For if your health challenge is to change for the better, you must first change yourself.

In health,
Dr Kevin Lau