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30 January 2009

Messege from Dr Lau : Book Update

I need your feedback…

I know as regular writers of e-mails, we simply sit down at the keyboard and strike whatever comes to mind. This approach often leads to rambling thoughts. But as book writers, we have to follow logical steps of prewriting, brainstorming, writing, and organizing, revising for style, and proofreading.

That’s where I need your help. Although bounded by the content, shape, and form our writing can take, writing provides us with opportunity to alter, perhaps only incrementally, the statements we make about communication and the way in which we make those statements. I want to be able to do that with my book through your feedback and suggestions for improvement.

I think, inviting readers’ feedback for a book is the most crucial requirement. This kind of a discourse is essential to counter redundancy, discrepancy and fix issues related to flow, accuracy and consistency.

As Foucault argues in The Archeology of Knowledge (1972) and Power/Knowledge (1980) discourse generates, produces, and transforms our organizational realities. Discourse makes us and the world around us; it is a form of power and control.