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6 April 2007

Smash Arthritis With Exercise

As you know, exercise does a world of good to protect you from a number of maladies, including depression and cancer. The same can be said for the power of exercise in treating arthritis, according to an Australian study.

Researchers reviewed the health of more than 8,700 middle-age and older women in their 70s, suffering from the pains of arthritis over some three years. Surprisingly, exercise had no effect on the arthritis symptoms experienced by middle-age women, but that wasn't true for older women.

Older patients exercising at least 75 minutes per week felt fewer arthritis symptoms and those who worked out for twice as long -- 150 minutes every week -- experienced even fewer problems.

Apparently, more researchers of conventional medicine are beginning to understand the real therapeutic value of exercise, based on the comments of the lead researcher: If we could put out a pill that would solve a lot of problems, it would be physical activity, but we can't wrap it up into a little pill and give it to people.

Again, more evidence you must treat exercise like a drug that must be carefully prescribed to achieve the greatest benefit to your health. Just remember, walking isn't enough to satisfy the serious exercise debt most of you have accumulated over the years.

If you're looking to start an exercise plan and don't know where to begin, I suggest by reviewing my beginner's page.

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