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29 December 2006

How The Bacteria In Your Gut Can Make You Fat

Giving more credence to infectobesity, the study of microbes and viruses in your gut that may be responsible for some cases of obesity, a new study confirms the presence of different microbes swimming in the intestines of overweight patients versus their slimmer peers.

Scientists discovered the imbalance after comparing the microbes extracted from the guts of lean and obese mice and 12 humans (seven of whom were obese). The bacteria found in humans centered largely on two groups: Firmicutes that were more plentiful (a 20 percent increase) in obese patients and bacteroidetes (almost 90 percent less) that weren't.

Even more compelling, obese patients lowered the number of firmicules in their guts after following either a low-fat and low-carb diet for 12 months and boosted the amount of bacteroidetes (although these levels never reached the amount of similar microbes found in slimmer patients).

Influencing the bacteria growing in your body for the positive is easy by making better food choices, starting with reducing, with the plan of eliminating, sugars and most grains from your daily diet.

Even more impressive evidence that proves the nutritional cause of many diseases is related to an imbalance of bacteria in your gut, a problem easily rectified by taking a high quality probiotic, Kefir and Saukraut.