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3 November 2015

What’s the Best Mattress for Scoliosis?

What is scoliosis?

Scoliosis (from the Ancient Greek word for “bending”) is a medical condition that involves the curvature of the spine. Normal spines have an ‘S’ curve to them; the spines of those with scoliosis also have a curve from side to side.
Scoliosis can be genetic (as a result of vertebral abnormalities developed in utero), “idiopathic” (arising for no apparent reason), or related to another disorder such as spina bifida or cerebral palsy. (Typically, anything that has people staying in one position for extended periods of time or has a condition that hinders mobility increases the risk of scoliosis.) It can develop at any age, although many idiopathic cases of scoliosis develop in childhood and adolescence.

Things to Remember 22 Truths People with Scoliosis Wish Others Understood

An estimated six to nine million people in the United States live with scoliosis. The condition, which causes abnormal curving in the spine, is often overlooked and mistaken for common back pain. But if not treated early, scoliosis can cause lifelong pain, decreased mobility and, in more severe cases, decreased organ function.

The Mighty wanted to learn more about the often misunderstood condition, so we reached out to ScoliSMART, an organization dedicated to informing the public about scoliosis and the need to find better treatment. The group asked its readers on Facebook and its Scoliosis Warriors Discussion Group page to share one thing they wish others understood about scoliosis.

This is what we learned:

7 January 2015

Dr. Kevin Lau's Interview by Senatus Magazine

Scoliosis Expert Dr. Kevin Lau on Managing Spinal Well-Being

26 December 2014
With professional training from United States of America and Australia, combined with a lifetime of practicing natural and preventive medicine, Dr. Kevin Lau advocates comprehensive natural solutions for treating scoliosis, promoting the merits of non-surgical treatment as the first resort.
He has been honored with the "Best Healthcare Provider Award"from the Straits Times.
His book Your Plan for Natural Scoliosis Prevention and Treatment is a best-seller on, and the series is rounded off with Your Natural Scoliosis Treatment Journal and Your Scoliosis Treatment Cookbook. For parents-to-be, there is also An Essential Guide for Scoliosis and a Healthy Pregnancy, a path-breaking and pioneering compilation of practical knowledge on how to handle conception and pregnancy in scoliosis.
Finally there is also The Complete Scoliosis Surgery Handbook for Patients, a wealth of information and a handy resource for those wanting to understand more about invasive procedures.
Under Dr. Lau's approach of Health in Your Hands, patients are encouraged, guided and advised to treat and prevent scoliosis through diet, exercise to improving daily living habits. Integrating technology into his healthcare practice, he also offers a comprehensive The Scoliosis Exercises for Prevention and Correction DVD as well as ScolioTrack, a top-ranking app on iTunes and Google Play (under Android for Medical Apps) as well as Scoliometer, an app to keep track of spinal deformity and progress monitoring.