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26 July 2010


Your Plan for Natural Scoliosis
Prevention and Treatment

by Dr. Kevin Lau, D.C.

Scoliosis is a structural condition of the body that is characterized by an unnatural curvature of the vertebrae. It can be congenital, neuromuscular, traumatic or idiopathic in nature and it is found twice as much in females as males. Until recently, it was believed that the structural defect could not be cured without surgery. Health In Your Hands (May 2010, $37.95, paperback with color photos and illustrations) is Dr. Kevin Lau’s detailed guide to diagnosing scoliosis on your own and managing it in a non-invasive manner with nutrition, exercise and specially designed medical devices. This expert chiropractor provides easy to follow information as well as dozens of illustrations that will educate potential scoliosis sufferers and their families on how to prevent the condition from becoming life-altering.

While some scoliosis cases are evident from birth, there are also many that develop over a period of time. The most common form of this condition is called adolescent idiopathic scoliosis in which there is no clear factor that is the cause of the condition. Health In Your Hands shows the reader how to understand the biochemical or structural issues that cause the condition and gives the reader a guide to treatment options. Some of the common and evident symptoms include:
  • Head being off center;
  • One hip or shoulder being higher than the other;
  • A rolling gait; and
  • Back pain or getting tired easily.
As in most medical conditions, early detection of the condition will help treat it more efficiently. Readers will learn the fine distinctions between general fatigue, general back pain and pain caused due to impending scoliosis. Once diagnosed, the book gives a comprehensive and holistic guide to treatment that includes nutrition, exercise and lifestyle changes that can help people adapt to normal life. In addition, strategies like correcting posture with the help of pillows, learning how to find trigger points, improved sitting and using exercise equipment are all discussed.

With painstaking research and years of practice, Dr. Lau separates fact from fiction, busts popular myths about scoliosis and explores what approaches work, what alternatives a scoliosis patient has and how it’s possible to create a comprehensive plan to achieve peak physical and spinal health. Inspired by Aboriginal groups of Australia and native tribes in Africa, Dr. Lau prescribes an easy-to-follow, clinically proven program that harkens back to what our bodies were originally designed for and need to survive. Health In Your Hands will set you on the path to total recovery simply by following the three-step process Dr. Lau has developed.