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10 July 2012

Radiology Second Opinion Service Online

How would you or your Doctor like the ability to upload all your radiology exams, including MRIs, CT scans, X-rays, Mammograms and Ultrasounds and receive a detailed second opinion report?

Well, now you or your Doctor can upload your exams conveniently. These reports are prepared by Metis MD board-certified sub-specialized radiologists with 10 years or more experience. Metis MD is an online service providing a second opinion on all your medical imaging.

Because this service is online, it is available to patients anywhere worldwide. Your report will include detailed anatomic descriptions that focus on both the patient's and doctor's specific concerns. These radiology exams are compared with other exams, by experts, making solid recommendations based on correlations between the scans and the patient's medical history. These experts will explain their findings to the patient and/or physician, rating the quality of the scan.

"This service breaks new ground in consumer healthcare" stated Gregory Goldstein, MD, Metis MD founder and president. Dr. Goldstein went on to explain "Giving patients direct access to highly skilled board-certified radiologists has not been done like this before".

Medical imaging plays a key role in medical care and patients have an extremely important say on who and where they receive healthcare from. Patients should receive the very best information in order to, confidently, make the best treatment decisions along with their physicians.

With more and more patients wanting to have more control over final decisions regarding their treatments, Metis MD is giving them the second opinion they are looking for. Second opinions offer patients the power to decide what avenues they have and which ones they wish to take. Metis MD will offer clear, concise findings with expert advice based on the patient's medical history and the findings by the report.

Metis MD will offer you the very best service at very affordable rates, all online. You no longer have to wait for a service to pickup your exams from your Doctor and take weeks to get the results back. Or travel a great distance to sit in a waiting room for hours for a second opinion. Your particular situation is handled with the highest confidentiality and highest expert opinions.