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22 February 2007

TV Does More Damage to Your Children Than You Ever Imagined

All that time children spend in front of a TV may be doing far more harm to them than you ever thought possible. In addition to being a trigger for obesity, the "glow box" may raise their risks of bad eyesight, premature puberty and autism, according to a new report. And that's not all...

A British psychologist identified 15 different side effects related to children spending long hours in front of a television. Among them:

* Cancer
* Alzheimer's
* Heart trouble
* Healing
* Diabetes

The trigger for some of these conditions: Watching TV disrupts the production of the hormone melatonin which explains why young girls may be reaching puberty sooner or kids are developing cancer at a younger age than ever before.

Because severely limiting your child's TV time is indeed a life-saver, I urge you to review this important list of 20 fun activities you can do with them that have absolutely nothing at all to do with sitting indoors in front of a box for hours. February 19, 2007