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4 August 2006

Energy Medicine... the future of medicine.

I have experience one of the most powerful healing tool available... yes equally as powerful as nutrition and exercise. Best thing is that it costs nothing, needs no fancy equipment and for those who are sceptical you don't even have to believe in it for it to work... it plain just works! Patients who have gone thru this with me have experienced total elimination of fears, phobias, mental blocks and negativity which our society is saturated with.

The technique is called Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT which in its simplest terms is acupuncture without needles. Chinese medicine has known for centuries that our body contains subtle energy and when a tramatic experiance happens disruptions occur to this energy. This disruption leads to energy blocks that eventuate to physical dis-ease and finally disease. EFT is an energy medicine that was developed by a church pastor... his generosity and genuine passion towards eliminate human suffering is shown though giving the manual FREE for everyone. I will be using EFT on most scoliosis sufferers due to emotional bagadge thats usually present. While it is too soon to say whether it will help with improving the curve I believe being emotional free and happy is am important step to healing. Happiness truly comes from within, not from the material things we horde. EFT brings positive energy and
for those who master it a feeling of elation that easily rivals any antidepressant or drug.