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28 September 2010

Physiotherapy helps Hamilton mum who suffered years of pain due to serious spinal condition

A LANARKSHIRE mum has endured years of pain and discomfort – due to a serious spinal condition.

Four years ago Pamela Alston, from Quarter, began to suffer extreme back pain at work. She was diagnosed with the condition scoliosis.

This causes excessive curvature of the spine.

And, if left untreated, can lead to fatal heart and lung problems.

Pamela ( 22), a customer services advisor with First Direct, found it almost impossible to sit at her desk at work all day.

When she went to her GP she was shocked to discover the pain was due to a significant curve in her spine.

Pamela was later informed the only option available to her was to undergo basic physiotherapy or to have spinal fusion surgery.

She said: “I was devastated. I’d only just discovered I was expecting my first baby.

“However, this was clouded by being diagnosed with such a serious condition.

“I was only able to get physiotherapy during the first trimester of my pregnancy.

“The NHS could not recommend any other treatment other than surgery, but my condition was considered not to be severe enough to warrant having my spine fused.

“I felt like I was in limbo.”

Pamela had baby Jessica in January 2007. Some time later she felt well enough to return to her hobby of dancing.

However, she was advised to give this up because of her spine condition.

While surfing the internet, Pamela came across a clinic which offered non-surgical treatments for the condition.

The clinic told her the pain she had been experiencing was due to an imbalance of the muscles surrounding her spine which was caused by scoliosis.

And, after being treated at the clinic in England, her pain declined. She has to make a trip to the clinic for one day every six weeks for check-ups.

Pamela said this week: “I now feel much happier with my posture and physical appearance. I’m now pain free and no longer at risk from major surgery.

“I’ve learned so much about my condition and I now feel in control. I know the exercises I need to do in order to remain pain-free.”