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10 November 2006

Are Your Vitamins Killing You?

Vitamins are organic micronutrients that are required (compared to other nutrients) in small amounts in order to sustain human life. Vitamins (with few exceptions) cannot be manufactured endogenously and must therefore be obtained from supplements or from Foods via the diet.

Are Your Vitamins Killing You?

People in the U. S. are taking billions of dollars worth of isolated or synthetic vitamins with the thought in mind that these are going to keep them healthy when just the exact opposite is probably true.

Broccoli is Broccoli is Broccoli - But is a Vitamin, a Vitamin, a Vitamin?

In today's world you can buy vitamins everywhere. Health food stores, grocery stores, drug stores, convenience stores, truck stops, etc. Millions of people take one or more vitamins daily, and yet over half of the people in the United States are chronically ill. Something must be wrong.

Don't believe the advertisements from all the different companies saying their products are vitamin enriched. These almost always are chemicals and not real vitamins.

How can you tell if a vitamin is organic as opposed to an isolated or synthetic chemical vitamin? If you will look on the label and it tells you how many I.U.'s or how many milligrams of different vitamins there are, you can bet that the vitamins are isolated or chemical.

When you buy organic vegetables such as broccoli, carrots, tomatoes, etc. or plants and herbs such as Green Barley, Bee Pollen, The Thalophyte, etc., it doesn't say how many I.U's or milligrams of this, that, or the other thing these plants contain because they are in their natural whole organic form, in just the right amounts in the way God made your body to use them. Please, if you remember from this information, remember this! We are to get all of our nutrients from organic plant source in its whole natural form, not from some isolated or man-made chemical source.

I firmly believe and have documented evidence to prove that we live longer or die sooner depending on whether we take natural whole organic nutrients OR isolated and synthetic vitamins.

One word of caution -- a natural isolated vitamin may not be any better than a synthetic or man-made chemical vitamin. We are emphasizing whole natural organic complexes, such as a product called DOCTORS TOTAL NUTRITION that is whole natural food and herbs that the body knows exactly what to do with.

Both the recent Finnish studies published in the New England Journal of Medicine and the experiments at the University of California, Berkley, California proved that taking synthetic vitamins is worse than starvation. The synthetic vitamins will kill you quicker.

In the Finnish study, there was a statistically significant loss of protection from lung cancer, stroke, and all other forms of death. So beware of so-called "enriched" bread with synthetic chemical vitamins. In reality, these chemicals should not be called vitamins at all. They are not vitamins and they are not food. This is a part of the deception. The majority of vitamins sold are synthetic, causing sickness and death to unsuspecting people who believe that they are health conscious and doing the right thing.

The synthetic vitamin producers and sellers all claim that synthetic vitamins have the same molecular structure as the Natural whole plant, and are therefore the same or at lease have the same effect. They never tell you that the polarity of the synthetic is opposite to the Natural and has the opposite effect. Synthetic vitamins always refract light, the opposite of the Natural Organic vitamin complexes. This suggests that you do not get protection from synthetic vitamins. In fact, the studies above show an actual loss of protection.

Though synthetic vitamins have the same molecular structure, they are a mirror image of the Natural. A MIRROR IMAGE? This suggests that they are identical in every detail. But a mirror image is the exact opposite of the real thing, in this case Natural organic vitamins.

Try to shake hands with yourself in the mirror. You can't do it. Everything is opposite. Bet you thought a mirror image is an exact duplication. To give you some examples of the synthetic as opposed to the real thing: Ascorbic acid, which most people think is Vitamin C, which it is not, is being called into question. In the past synthetic vitamins C, E, and beta-carotene have failed to reduce cancer rates and have even made some cancers worse. Now the latest study of synthetic vitamin C reports that synthetic vitamin C's ability to protect against cancer and heart disease appears to diminish at high doses and the vitamins might even become harmful.

Similar to published reported in Health Alert, the Study found evidence that vitamin C (ascorbic acid) at doses greater than 500 mg both suppresses and promotes oxidation, the very culprit that anti-oxidants are supposed to be fighting. This study showed that the anti-oxidant function and the pro-oxidant function of ascorbic acid, which is synthetic C, cancel themselves out, thus providing no benefit.

The facts are, synthetic anti-oxidants, including so-called vitamin C, in the form of ascorbic acid, are not Vitamins. Let me repeat! They are not Vitamins. In fact, vitamins are living enzyme complexes that naturally produce biochemical reactions in the human body. Synthetic Vitamins are chemicals that produce drug reactions in the body.

If you doubt what we have been saying, try spending a little time with an endocardiograph. This is a highly sensitive machine that records, amplifies and makes a graph of heart sound. As the heart becomes diseased, the sounds become abnormal. The abnormal sounds clearly depict what areas of the heart are malfunctioning and what nutrients are needed to allow the heart to normalize. The heart is the one organ in your body most responsive to nutritional therapy.

For example,
There is a characteristic sound and graph made by a heart that is in fibrillation. This heart needs the "G" portion of the organic Vitamin B complex. Tachycardia has its own characteristic graph and requires organic Vitamin C. Regurgitation of one or more valves has its graph and requires real Vitamin E. Angina has its graph and requires real selenium-rich Vitamin E. And so on.

When the correct organic nutrients are given to the patient while he or she is on the endocardiograph, the heart sound and graph start to normalize within 15 minutes. One thing is certain - take all the synthetic vitamins A, B, C, E, etc., in the world; take them over and over again. They can be the very nutrients your doctor tells you are "just exactly the same as organic, natural, real vitamins". But they are simply mirror-image chemicals and not nutritional complexes. They never reverse the abnormal heart graph whereas real nutrition does it on a regular basis. What more proof is needed that these chemicals are "just exactly not the same as real vitamins".

The latest studies show the failure of high dose synthetic vitamins and anti-oxidants. The ones that work are those made from herbs and food that are truly nutritional complexes based around enzyme actions.

God created a perfect body that can only be sustained by perfect foods that God also created. Anyone who desires good health must have proper nutrition every day or good health is not going to happen.

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