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23 August 2011

Backpacks can mean backaches for back-to-schoolers

Millions of children returning to school this fall will struggle under the weight of an overstuffed backpack, putting themselves at risk of injury, according to Dr. Joshua Hyman, director of orthopedic surgery at NewYork-Presbyterian/Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital.

"Parents should inspect their child's backpack from time to time. They often carry much more than they should with extra shoes, toys, electronic devices and other unnecessary items," says Dr. Hyman, who is also associate professor of orthopedic surgery at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons.

"A backpack shouldn't weigh more than 15 percent of the child's weight, or about 7 pounds for a child who weighs 50 pounds. If it is textbooks that are making the bag too heavy, parents should speak with the teacher -- sometimes these books can be left at school," adds Dr. Hyman.

To prevent injury, children should also wear a backpack correctly over both shoulders to spread the weight evenly. Alternatively, they should consider a wheeled backpack.
If the child experiences persistent pain, parents should consult with their pediatrician, who may recommend physical therapy to strengthen the back muscles. Some indicators of trouble include when the child's posture changes while wearing the backpack, when they struggle to put it on, or any pain, tingling or red marks.

Source: NewYork-Presbyterian/Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital

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