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18 February 2012

One of Biggest Medical Frauds Ever?

This episode of 60 Minutes details one of the biggest medical research frauds ever.  Anil Potti's research at Duke University was touted as a revolution in cancer research.  But his work was found not just to be wrong, but actually fraudulent -- a blatant deception foisted upon desperate, dying patients.
However, as horrifying as that is, the REAL fraud that 60 Minutes will not air is virtually the ENTIRE cancer industry.  For the proof of this, you need look no further than the evidence presented in Burzynski, the Moviethe story of a doctor who discovered a non-toxic gene-targeted cancer medicine that could have helped save millions of lives, had his discovery not been criminally suppressed by the U.S. government.  Powerful, unscrupulous forces work to maintain the status quo of the medical and drug industry at any cost -- including the lives of millions of people.
That ultimate irony is that proves this point was Duke University’s reaction to the Anil Potti scandal.  According to Duke University, even while the patients were receiving treatments based on fraudulent research, “no one was harmed as they were all receiving the standard of care in chemotherapy.”
That, my friends, is the real Biggest Medical Fraud of all time.

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